Do you struggle with your wardrobe?


Do you struggle with your wardrobe?
Receive practical tips from an inspiring conversation about style.


When it comes to personal style “knowing who you are is super important.” “Never settle!” “Only buy it and wear it if you love it.” Ginger Burr’s important messages about personal style solidified my own belief that we can each have our own style that reflects who we are at a soul level. We can each be unique, beautiful, and entirely ourselves while expressing who we are on the inside, outside.

Who is Ginger Burr? An amazing woman who says “never settle” for a personal style and a wardrobe you do not love! She has been a stylist for over 26 years, owns Total Image Consultants, and the recent author of That’s So You! : Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style, and Grace! On a more personal note she is friendly, easy to talk to, has an immense compassion for animals, and finds her mother, Gladys, to be the most amazing woman in her life.

I have been reading and exploring Ginger’s book, so it was an honor to spend time with her last week to discuss her book That’s So You!. With her experience in the style industry and being asked the same questions again and again, she decided to tackle a book to put “everything in one place.” Her book is a great place to get started developing your style, however she says sometimes you may still want the help of a professional stylist or a color expert.

Getting Started

According to Ginger, discerning your personal style starts by “approaching your image from a heart centered” space and knowing who you are at a deep level, your core, your essence, and what makes you special. Knowing who you are as a woman is really the foundation for your style and creating a wardrobe you love. Armed with this knowledge, Ginger said it will let you “dress for who you are and allow you to love your look and your closet!”

Ginger admits that it will take “time and energy” to have a “wardrobe that really makes you happy.” And it will need tweaking as time passes and you grow and change professionally and personally. The effort you put into defining your style will be worth it as you will have clothes and accessories you love and a wardrobe that makes you happy. To get us started on our own style journey, she gave us a few questions to ask ourselves.

  • “How do I want to be perceived?”
  • “If my current wardrobe could talk, what would it say?”
  • “What is really making you happy?” And why?



Your Clothes & Accessories

In listening to Ginger it seems that it is all about keeping it simple and focusing on color. She says “color is such a huge part of creating a wardrobe” that is versatile and something you love. First “identify the colors that will work well for you.” This is where a color expert can really help make things easier for you, but if you aren’t ready to take that leap think about these questions to help you make your own determinations.

  • What colors have others told you that you look fabulous in?
  • What colors are in your eyes?

Based on these colors, Ginger recommends “identifying a foundation color that looks great on you” such as black, brown, navy, charcoal grey, camel, etc. After selecting your base color, choose two other colors that are spectacular on you and use these three colors to build your wardrobe. This color foundation will make it easy to mix and match and to create numerous outfits that will look and feel amazing.

When it comes to jewelry, Ginger says “everyone should first figure out if they look better in gold or silver. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Or at least choose one of the metals.” If you absolutely don’t know which to select, Ginger suggests “when in doubt mix your metals.” Remember to keep it simple. She believes in having a few great statement pieces. Two to three pairs of earrings and two or three necklaces in your colors will complement your clothes.



Your Closet

Ah, the daunting closet. OK, well at least I found mine daunting. To organize the chaos in your closet and easily and quickly create an outfit as you run out the door Ginger recommends some easy tips:

  • Start with hangers. Yep, hang all your clothes on the same type hanger. It will look great and will make it easier to see all of your clothes.
  • Organize your clothes first by item and then by color. For instance put all your slacks together, tops together and within each section put all the similar colors together.
  • “Eliminate orphans” These are the items that cannot be used to complete an outfit.

As you explore and experiment with your own personal style, I encourage you to stay connected to Ginger at She has a great website full of fantastic and helpful information including many FREE tools and an informative blog. Her fabulous book, That’s So You! is also available on Amazon and the Kindle version is very affordable. The perfect place to start your style journey.

“Do not settle” was my mantra this past weekend as I officially started my own style journey. Ginger gave me hope and direction as I took two days and tackled my first really big style project: Going through everything, and I mean everything, in my closet, trying it on and eliminating it if it no longer fit, if I hadn’t worn it in a year, and if I didn’t love it. Stay tuned, I will write about how I tackled my daunting closet and purged all of my unnecessary clothes next week.

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