The Tango Earrings!

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'Fashions fade, style is eternal.' Yves Saint Laurent

Style is what you choose to wear as a reflection of who you are - not what others dictate it to be. Following fashion trends can be a fun way to keep up with the times but never let them define who you are. Trendy pieces come, but a truly stylish piece lasts a lifetime. Its beauty is timeless and transcends era and age.

Timeless style is what I work hard to achieve with all of my designs and the Tango Earrings are no exception! I want each piece to stand the test of time - in quality and beauty.

Just like the collection's namesake dance, the pieces will retain their mystique and romance for eternity. The Tango collection features statement earrings with intricate detail - crafted with over 250 Swarovski crystals and Japanese glass components, woven together in a series of captivating colors.

When you slip on your very own pair of Tango Earrings, my wish for you is to dance through life feeling special - expressing your true and glorious beauty!

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