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intricately woven tones of gold, champagne, and ochre

Celebrate your current prosperity by acknowledging all that is good and beautiful within your world while manifesting lovely things to come.

Prosperity. Immediately the word summons images of grandeur and wealth. But when I ease into the word - its meaning - it speaks to me of an immeasurable amount more than just riches.

Prosperity is grand, yet simple.

It reminds me of all the areas in my life where I feel full and satisfied - the love I share with my husband, the beauty I find in everyday things, the joy I experience when I create. 

Prosperity is joy. Prosperity is love. Prosperity is a smile. Prosperity is contentment. Prosperity is beauty. Prosperity is whatever makes you feel good and whole. It’s what fills you up. Prosperity is limitless and boundless.

Summon life’s good fortune and manifest prosperity within your universe with affirmative thoughts intertwined with the gold and champagne tones of crystals and glass found intricately woven within the prosperity color.

Classic black & white style

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Style Notes. Celebrate life and all it has to offer in this chic minimalist outfit. The clean cut and classic color combination of the white shirt and noir trousers create a streamlined look allowing your luxurious “prosperity” gold jewelry to elevate your entire ensemble.

There are so many answers, but I want to know your answer. What specifically makes you feel prosperous?

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