Courage - Balancing Blacks With Spring Color

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Trying new things, asking for help, gathering opinions, pushes us out of our comfort zone into new territory - it takes courage.

About a year ago I worked with a stylist for the first time. I was curious how the processed worked, but mostly I was excited to get someone else’s opinion, thoughts, and ideas to help get me out of my style rut.

I worked with my fabulous friend Wendy of Style By Wendy and the experience I had didn’t disappoint.

It was the easiest clothes shopping experience I ever had. I arrived and found a dressing room full of preselected items and yummy refreshments. We chatted about what I liked and what I didn’t, I tried items on, and got an honest opinion. I got to camp out in the dressing room while she did all the leg work to find other sizes and other pieces. It was awesome!

One of my biggest takeaways from the afternoon was that I could pull off wearing skinny pants - it was so nice to have a gal in my court that new the exact brand to grab with the right material that had just the right stretch and material. Plus her trusted opinion helped boost my courage to wear them!

When our session was through I added 2 new pairs of skinny pants to my wardrobe - and a year later I’m still loving them! One pair is featured in this outfit.

Working with a stylist - someone I could trust and I knew wouldn’t steer me wrong - pushed me to try something new that I never would have picked for myself. Or would have felt confident enough walking out of the dressing room, let alone buying a pair.

I pared my skinny black slacks with a flowy top - a tip Wendy taught me during our session. If you choose a more fitted item complement it with something a bit more flowy and a little less structured.

I love this top! It speaks to me about Spring and the Summer to come with bold blocked colors and delicate lace. Plus I love the detail with the slit in the back and the added zipper to give it just a little edge and balance out the flowy feminine look.

The cream linen jacket adds structure and warmth to the outfit. A perfect addition to a spring wardrobe when many days are still chilly here in the Pacific Northwest.

I personalized the outfit with bold black jewelry. The color is called “courage” - a perfect namesake for stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The necklace and earrings tie the outfit together nicely - giving it a polished look by mirroring the black in my slacks. The bolder color also draws the attention up and brings the focus to my face.

Additional accessories include my trusty black wedge sandals - cute, comfortable, and ready for summer.

My trusty Hobo bag adds another layer of color and the smooth leather adds an additional dimension to the outfit.

Whatever your personal style, remember to have fun, experiment, and express yourself with your clothing, your accessories, and of course don't forget to wear several pieces of jewelry to help tie your look together!

Final Note. A huge thank you to Wendy of Style By Wendy for her friendship, style advice, and help on the easiest shopping day of my life. And to my lovely Mother-in-law, Marilyn, for taking all the wonderful photos!

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