An Artist's Musings - The Design & Craft Behind the NEW Tango Earrings

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These are special. Just like you. Unique. Intricate, detailed, layered, & beautiful.

The earrings started as a very simple project in a book - I love looking at other jewelry and patterns for inspiration.

The funny thing is, the pattern I started with was a bracelet.

Obviously, things changed. Morphed. Developed. Were reconstructed. And things became my own.

The Tango Earrings were born.

They hold their own with their intricate beauty and bolder style.

Each earring starts with just 12 beads, 61 inches of thread, and a sharp needle.

Add another 60 beads and the framework is in place. But only after the thread has been patiently sewn through each Swarovski crystal and Japanese glass bead a minimum of 2 times to provide a sturdy structure for the next step.

Detail. The first layer of detail. 5 more beads are added and stitched into place within each square section of the framework! This layer of the design brings a bit of sparkle and elegance to the shape.

More detail. The second layer of detail. 4 more beads are carefully stitched into place completely adorning each original naked square of the earring framework.

Finally, a french hook is added to seal the deal and create a glorious earring! Do it all again and you have a pair of amazing intricate and detailed artisan dangles.

Over 250 Swarovski crystals and Japanese glass beads are hand-stitched into a pair of Tango Earrings.

A completely distinct pair full of beauty and sparkle are just waiting to be worn by you! Discover your perfect color here!

The NEW Tango Earrings

Shop all the lovely colors below or explore the "Made To Order" section to discover more colors and customize your metal and earring back style.

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