A pretty floral top with some badass make for a kickin’ Spring outfit!

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What do the words flirty, feminine, and badass have to do with style?

I’ll get to that in a moment.

But first, I believe how we dress, our personal style, is a reflection of us. It introduces us, with just a glance, to another human. It says “hello,” this is me.

And that’s where the words come in. They are my personal style words. Put simply, we are not one sided - our personalities have many facets that are often reflected in the way we dress. These words are an easy way to help curate a wardrobe and an outfit.

I learned this little technique from Ginger Burr, in her book That’s So You! It’s a great tip to make sure you’re dressing in a way that reflects who you are! Finding your own words grounds your style without it being confined. Somedays you may just want to focus on one word and others all three. The flexibility allows for your mood, the weather, and the occasion.

The Badass. Giving the outfit just a little kick is the faux leather of the moto jacket paired with its contrasting zipper and snap details. It sits just high enough to give a sweet little glimpse of my feminine top and my rockin' Rock Revival jeans. Yep, they have rhinestones and no I don’t think I’m too old to be wearing a little bling! It’s fun and sassy and quite frankly I feel sexy wearing them. (Note: take a peek at this post titled "Age Appropriate Style, Says Who?" - bling is one item listed that women over 30 shouldn't wear. NOT.) 

Flirting With The Feminine. I chose to really amp up the flirty feminine with a top that just exudes the feeling of Spring. It showcases several Spring trends with its flowy fit, soft pinks, floral pattern, and a touch of lace.

Bringing In The Blues. The outfit’s jewelry added another layer of feminine fun!

One of my favorite style tips is to draw attention to the face where your soul can be seen through your eyes and your kindness in your smile. And these blue dangles do just the trick - the turquoise contrasts just enough with the skin to really grab a viewer's attention while still framing the face. This earring style will look stunning on a round, oval, or heart / diamond shaped face.

Long dangly necklaces are super fun and flirty! I started with the long Merengue necklace currently showcased in the boutique. The necklace got lost in the flowy folds of the spring fabric and the flower pattern. That was fine, because I wanted the focus to be on my face and earrings. However my décolletage kept feeling naked. So, I decided to conduct a little experiment.

I didn’t have the perfect piece in the shop, but I figured I could fix that problem! So I let my nakedness fuel some inspiration and created 2 new necklaces to layer with the Merengue piece. 

The look ads more feminine detail and the delicate pieces add a bit of color and visual interest to my chest without being overpowering. 

The addition of the necklaces gave a bit of added romance to the overall look!

Jewelry just makes me feel pretty. Period. It’s something I do for myself that gives me that little extra boost and bit of confidence as I walk out the door. How do you feel when you’re wearing pretty jewelry?

The exciting… OK, maybe not so exciting shoes! These shoes don’t look like much, but what the simple nude pumps don’t reflect is my year long search coming to an end. I have the hardest time finding cute and comfy shoes - it takes a lot of searching and a lot of… Trying on. Discarding. Getting frustrated. Trying again. And FINALLY succeeding.

I think these little neutral cuties are a perfect match for Spring with their light color and versatility - I’ll definitely be wearing these into the summer and heck maybe all year. Shop the shoes.

Bag Lovin. I’m in heaven with this Hobo bag. I grabbed it at the end of last year before I knew it would match one of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year - an added bonus I must say. The leather is so soft and supple and there are so many wonderful pockets that keep all my essentials and not-so-essentials organized and easy to grab. One of my favorite features is the cell phone pocket hidden on the back of the handbag making it easy to reach for at a moment's notice. Shop this lovely bag!

The Look - Curated Style Tips!

Spring Trends: 
lace, florals, neutrals, pinks, blues, and flowy fabric are all the rage.

Create your style words! The words will describe your personal style and help guide your wardrobe purchases and your daily outfits. Use Ginger’s book to help you develop the style words that speak to you. Here’s a link to her book. Not ready to commit to a book - read the interview she and I did OR she has a great blog too!

Jewelry Style - tips & tricks:

*** “Wear at least 2 pieces of jewelry!” - Advice from Wendy, owner of Style By Wendy. I think we’d both agree - push yourself a bit further and wear more!

*** Put the focus on your face with earrings that grab attention and match your eyes.

*** Dangles look fabulous on round, oval, or heart / diamond shape faces.

*** Wearing long necklaces can help elongate the figure.

*** Easy Necklace Layering. Layer delicate pieces for a versatile, bolder, and one of a kind look!

*** Use the same metal and similar color for a curated and cohesive ensemble.

*** Tangle free. Of course this is easier when you’re layering longer necklaces, but I have personally found that when you use drastically different lengths leaving more space between layers they are less likely to get tangled.

*** Try the 1/3rd rule - an easy formula and great place to start! (1) Put your shortest necklace on. (2) Place your longest necklace over your head. (3) Place your medium length necklace on and have it sit 1/3rd of the way below your shortest necklace leaving 2/3rds space between the medium and long necklace. The easiest way accomplish this is with adjustable length pieces and of course here at HeatherDownesJewelry.com all the necklaces are adjustable!

Final Note. A huge thank you to my lovely Mother-in-law, Marilyn, for taking all the wonderful photos!

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